Palm Oil 4.00

Tuna 3.08

Bananas 3.10

Almonds 1.75

Coconuts 2.00

Coffee 3.16

Cotton 3.25

Teak 2.66

Bauxite 1.66

Mica 2.05

Rare Earth Elements 1.91

Copper 3.25

Lithium 2.53

Cobalt 3.33

Jute 1.75

Hemp 1.66

Silk 2.91

Fiberglass 1.66

Sapphires 2.50

Bricks 3.00

Our Digital Products

Our digital software is tailored to support ESG strategies and ensure due diligence remains compliant with the latest developments in international legislation.

Integrated Compliance Assurance Tool Placeholder Image

ICAT Integrated Compliance Assurance Tool

Quickly identify the ESG standards that are most relevant to your sourcing, operations and ESG risk exposure with ICAT: the Integrated Compliance Assurance Tool.

Conflict Affected and High Risk Areas Placeholder Image

CAHRA Conflict Affected and High Risk Areas

Designed to support supply chain due diligence, the TDi CAHRA Index assesses a country's likelihood to meet the OECD's CAHRA criteria as high, moderate, or low risk.

It combines eleven indices from international institutions and civil society to gauge conflict, corruption, governance, human rights, and labor rights issues.